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If you have been browsing through ads at encuentra 24 looking for the right auto service center, then you have probably heard of Star Cars. Our company offers a wide range of vehicle services including upholstery, car financing, and auto repair among others. We are a one-stop-shop for everything to do with cars.

What are some of the car parts and accessories that I can find at Star Cars?

There are many types of car parts and accessories that you can find at Star Cars. We always advise our clients to stop by our service center whenever they notice something is off with their vehicles. Once you bring your car to us, we will examine it and tell you about the repairs that your vehicle needs. We will also advise you accordingly in case your vehicle requires new parts or accessories.

What are the essential parts of a car?

A battery is an essential part of a car. Without the battery, your vehicle will not turn on. This component is often located under the hood in most cars and is usually identified by the negative and positive symbols.

For a car to start moving there must be a transfer of power from the engines to the wheels, which is where the axle comes in. This component also plays important roles in moving, braking and turning the car. Bring your vehicle to our repair shop if the axles of your car make loud clunking noises or if your car vibrates especially when you turn or brake.

Another vital component of a car is the brake system, which consists of the caliper, pad, rotor, light switch, and a brake pedal. In most cases, the cause of a dysfunctional brake system is a problem in the brake pads, rotor or caliper.

Brake calipers are usually located on behind the wheels on the rear or front of the car. Brake pads are also located just behind the car wheels. With time, brake pads begin to wear out and start to produce a loud screeching sound every time you break.

The brake rotors are usually located close to the caliper and brake pads. They are typically exposed to lots of heat especially when you break. It is always advisable to replace brake rotors in pairs. Other essential parts of a car include the radiator, muffler, transmission, shock absorbers, and the AC compressor.

What is the meaning of engine performance terms?

Various terms are used to describe the performance of car engines including horsepower, torque, and cylinders. While these terms may sound so complicated, they have very simple meanings.

The main power unit of a car engine is the cylinder, which is a specialized chamber designed to allow gasoline to burn and produce energy. Car engines may have different amounts of cylinders including four, six, eight, and twelve. The higher the number of cylinders the more the engine power and the lower the number of cylinders the better the fuel economy.

Engine power is measured in torque or horsepower. Torque refers to the pulling power of an engine while horsepower refers to the sustained energy a car can maintain.

The staff at Star Cars is trained to handle any car repair project, both big and small. Call us today to discuss your car repair project.

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